Christmas in Castille 2021
Weather permitting: Dec 16th - Dec 18th, Thursday - Saturday, Between 6pm - 9pm

Welcome to Christmas In

Nov 27th, 2021

With a job change in 2018, it has been difficult to get this show up to what it once was. This year, we may run for one weekend, but nothing is certain. As usual, if the gate is closed, there is not a show. Please check the Facebook page for updates.

Dec 10th, 2020

Almost up... Soon...

Nov 20th, 2017

The show is finally progressing! I feel like it took forever to get it up and out this year. The schedule for this year has been set, the Facebook page has been updated, and most of the new props have been built.

This year we are changing gears and are proud to announce a partnership with the DECA team at West Forsyth High School. More on that one later.

Dec 24th, 2016

I regret to inform you all that the final show tonight is canceled. This will conclude the shows for this year. I want to respect my neighbors and allow them to enjoy their Christmas eve without all the traffic. If you still want to take a light tour, please check out the list below. Many of those displays will be open tonight. Finally, I want to thank each and every one of you for coming out this season and I hope to see you all next year.

Merry Christmas
Christmas in Castille

Sep 18th, 2016

A few updates, Christmas Expo was in Chicago, IL this year. I found out that Southwest allows you two free bag checks for free. My wife and I maxed that out with four checked bags and boxes of crap I purchased while at the expo. Each weighed in at around 48 lbs, I didn't want to waste the opportunity. I visited the TN Mini yesterday where a bunch of light enthusiasts like myself got together to talk about the upcoming season. It was nice being in the same room as a bunch of other weirdos who shared the same crazy interests as myself. I have started building a few new things and a few replacement things for this December. In doing so, I have sold off some of the older light controllers to make way for better stuff. Overall, more control means more WOW factor. Stay tuned for updates and make sure to check the Facebook page.

Dec 3rd, 2015

I did not do a great job of keeping this page up to date this year; here is the news: I went to Christmas Expo again this past July down in Ft Worth TX to learn about all the new technology in Christmas. I took many of the new things I learned this year and incorporated them into my show. The show now runs from a single Raspberry Pi computer running Falcon Pi Player. This also allows me to run smarter lights as well. The biggest new addition to the display this year is the 17 foot RGB tree in the front yard. It is essentially a jumbo-tron that has 2,400 pixels that can all be individually controlled. This new tree is the reason I have not been updating the social media, I was too busy soldering. Anyways, I just wrapped up the first show of the season. Make sure to drop by this month. We are collecting donations for the Bald Ridge Lodge again this year. Please check the Facebook page before making the drive out; all the latest schedule changes will be there. Merry Christmas and hope to see you soon!

Nov 26th, 2014

Man LiftThis is the first update this year on this page and it is late! Christmas Expo back in July was great this year. I got to sit down and talk with some of the pros in the Christmas Light business and gained a few new ideas. In early November, I went down to the Mecca of light displays in Hollywood Disney. That display gets better and better every year. After coming home, I got up on the man lift and helped to decorate 4 other houses in the neighborhood to help spread the cheer. Now we are at crunch time trying to get the show prepped for the first show next Thursday. Stay tuned for updates and always check the Facebook page before making the drive out; all the latest schedule changes will be there. Happy Turkey Day and hope to see you on Thursday!

Dec 30th, 2013

Thank you everyone for your support this year. We hope the light display brought a tiny bit of holiday cheer to each of you. After 25 days and over 1000 candy canes, our show has come to a close. Although we got a late start with our first charity this year, we were able to raise $760 in just under 3 weeks! Thanks again for a great year and I hope to see each and every one of you next December. Happy New Year!

Dec 24th, 2013

Due to a hectic schedule for the rest of the week, tomorrow, Christmas day, will be the last day of the show. If you have not made it out yet, please do so. If you wanted to see it again, tomorrow will be the last day so please come early. Merry Christmas everyone!

Dec 3rd, 2013

With the rain still going, I figured I would put up a live feed of the show for those of you who could not make it. The feed only runs during show hours.

Dec 1st, 2013

The yard is 98% complete I have started the show and will be running it now until Jan 5th. There will be tweaking the whole month long. Be sure to stop by!

Nov 3rd, 2013

The first Mega Tree is standing... Now it just needs some lights. We are switching to LED on the Mega Tree this year.

Nov 1st, 2013

Halloween is over, time to think about Christmas!

Jul 13th, 2013

Christmas Expo was great! I learned a whole lot from some very talented people. I also spent a fortune on new fixtures for the show this Dec.

Jul 11th, 2013

Got into Gatlinburg, TN early this morning (around 4 AM) and got a few hours of sleep. Off to the first class (9 AM) UGGG!

Jul 10th, 2013

OK, I've decided I must go to Christmas Expo. Work will have to wait.

Jan 15th, 2013

The power bill came in today... was a bit more than last year only because I doubled in size. $60 is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

Dec 6th, 2012

Finally, after I got control of the gate, people can now come in and watch. What an ordeal! I will have to remember this next year.

Nov 26th, 2012

Most of the fixtures are in place now. Counting down to this coming weekend!

Nov 11th, 2012

Well my last year's playlist promised that I would work on new stuff all year long. Again with the optimism. I have started much earlier this year and should have a full show by Thanksgiving; however, it will be some hard work.

Jan 17th, 2012

The power bill came in today... $138, only $40 more than I usually pay this time of year. Nice!

Dec 18th, 2011

I have decided to quit procrastinating. The show will go live today! Drive up around dark. I currently have 4 songs in rotation and plan to add more as the week goes on. The show will run from approximately 5:30 PM - 9:00 PM every night. Bring your kids and your friends and enjoy the show!

Dec 10th, 2011

This was supposed to be full launch weekend. However, I only have one sequence that is any good. Guess I will have to wait until I can program some more. This is harder than I thought.

Dec 7th, 2011

The first controller arrived and I was pumped. I connected the box to my computer and to my dismay, the cable I had would not work. I had to send away for another piece so I could control my lights. It was an anxious 3 days.

Dec 3rd, 2011

After staring out the window at a naked Mega Tree for a week, I decided it had to be taller than 10'. So I went out and bought another 10' extension and cut it down to make a 16' tree. My buddy Drew came over and we hung 60 strands of lights from the top. The Mega Tree was up. Now I just needed some software to control it.

Nov 27th, 2011

After a friend harassed me about my non-existent Christmas show, I decided to get off my lazy butt and make it happen. In 2007 I bought around 170,000 Christmas lights from Wal-Mart right after Christmas. The lights have been sitting in my garage and on my mind every season since then. Well this year it's going to happen. I brought my father to Home Depot to buy equipment to build a Mega Tree. After he scoffed at the idea (as I loaded 15 bags of concrete into the truck) we made it home to do some research. I have to admit, I did not want to dig any holes, so when we found how to make a Mega Tree without all the cement, I was a bit relieved. That night, we hoisted a 10' guyed tower in my front lawn.