Christmas in Castille 2021
Weather permitting: Dec 16th - Dec 18th, Thursday - Saturday, Between 6pm - 9pm

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About the Show

Christmas Light ShowThanks for stopping by, and welcome to our Christmas Light Show page! We run a synchronized Christmas lights display in Alpharetta, GA. Below you will find facts, pictures, and videos about the display.

How Can I See This Show?

The show is located at 4220 Tivoli Way, Alpharetta, GA 30004. Weather permitting, the show runs from Dec 16th - Dec 18th between 6pm - 9pm on Thursday - Saturday. The neighborhood is gated so when the gates close for the night, the show ends. When you drive up, tune your radio to 89.9FM. Please check the Facebook page for inclement weather updates.

How Do You Do That?

Previous to 2015, we used a software / hardware solution called Light-O-Rama. The hardware allows for the lights to be turned on and off at different intensities based on a sequence written to music. The show is currently running with 250 LOR channels.

Starting with the 2015 show, we use a combination of the Light-O-Rama hardware and a bunch of DIY hardware. The show now runs from a Raspberry Pi single board computer utilizing Falcon Pi Player.

The music is made possible by an FM radio transmitter in the house. It is connected to the Pi running the light show and broadcast to you in your car.


One of the #1 questions we get asked is "What does your power bill look like." Last year the bill was only around $65 more than we usually pay this time of year. Since the lights are constantly changing and blinking, and most of the show is now energy saving LED, the power consumption goes way down as opposed to someone running a Griswold type display where everything is on 100% of the time. That being said, there are 59,000+ lights in the display running on 9 separate breakers. If all the lights were on at the same time, they would draw around 100 amps (or 12,000 watts) from the power source. That is a good chunk of what the power company allots us on our breaker box.

Why Bother?

Christmas Light ShowSome people like to talk about the true meaning of Christmas or their childhood memories. For me, this madness can be explained away in two reasons:

  1. I am a techie geek in the worst way. From the very beginning, I have always been into anything and everything with a power cord or batteries.
  2. I like to make people smile. What better way to do that than a light show to music?

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